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AI on the Verge of Detecting Rare Diseases

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Medicine can be taken far beyond its current capability with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

FREMONT, CA: Data is the new oil, and its usage has spread across various domains in the modern world. Professionals from multiple disciplines like marketing, healthcare, and so on are leveraging the potential of data to streamline businesses and stay ahead of their competitors in the market. Most of the world’s data that have been generated in the last few years are the result of the plethora of channels and medium growing popularity of social media. These channels generate billions of terabytes of data, which if appropriately mined, has the potential to achieve revolutionary results. Some of the accessible terms related to data are Machine Learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Data Science, and so on. These are the mechanisms in which insights are derived from the data. 

The dependence on independent computer intelligence in healthcare by some of the computer-generated solutions are on the rise in the current generation. Instead, to analyze data, human-created algorithms are practiced. The computer could expand and operate on the way the human brain functions with the guidance of neural networks, which is the center of Deep Learning. The concept of Deep Learning is getting progressively popular in the healthcare industry, primarily due to its ability to extract intricate patterns from predicting state-of-the-art results and data. The independent operation of neural networks can give better outcomes. Such new tools could achieve the transformation of diagnostic medicine and also at an individual cell level, the search for cancer.

Visual pattern recognition is a new methodology which has made meaningful strides in the healthcare industry. The exactness could be further between the digital eye and the human. With deep learning gaining traction and machines growing more powerful, diagnostic methods would continue to develop. Deep Learning and AI could produce various state-of-the-art results if used accurately on relevant data. Medical research is in progress to see if AI could annihilate several rare diseases. 

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