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AI Powered Insights Creating Deep Client Relationships in the Finance Arena

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

The benefits of getting AI on board is exponential, especially when it comes to delivering on-demand customer service, a mandatory in the modern business world.

FREMONT, CA: Customers’ banking habits and expectations are transforming as technologies simplify and customize how people invest their money. Financial services firms and banks need more advanced, intelligent recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet these growing expectations for speed and personalization. By directly integrating AI, users can take immediate action to grow their business and deepen client relationships by surfacing actionable insights.  

Financial services professionals with actionable insights at their disposal now have intelligence built directly into business processes, allowing customers to get predictive guidance and recommended actions the moment they need it. Financial advisors can also receive updates on which clients are most likely to increase their assets or churn, helping them focus their efforts on client retention and growth in the smartest way.

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AI analytics with pre-built industry-specific dashboards, such as client financial goals and interactions, referrals, deposits, and fees, gives users the tools they need to begin using analytics immediately. Retail bankers are no longer expected to rely on IT departments or data scientists for insights and decision guidance.

With a customizable platform and connectors to multiple data sources, users can get a complete picture of the business to understand their customers’ objectives and requirements better. And, because it comes with the full power of the AI, users can seamlessly build custom analytic apps to solve their business problems. AI for financial services ensures that all data is hosted in a trusted, secure, and compliant cloud-based platform.

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Embracing the capabilities of AI is indeed key to unlocking improved experiences that customers are demanding from an organization every time.