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AI: Revolutionizing the Face of Industries

By CIOReview | Friday, February 8, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a source of both enthusiasm and skepticism in different measures. As humans and machines are coming together now more than ever before, AI is no longer confined to innovation labs and is being appreciated and used because of its transformational capabilities. However, businesses need to realize the real potentials of this technology.

•  Cloudification of Storage: Storage and data are two crucial elements of every business foundation. When one cloudifies this storage, it gives the freedom of data which is a valuable asset and is accurate, reusable and secure. Having the right type of room for different jobs is essential. In 2019, business will adopt storage based on their purpose and requirement; markets will witness that IaaS, storage, and databases will become smart and rule and the market.

•  Mobility: The last year was exclusively for enterprise mobility, as enterprises continued to leverage new mobile technologies to boost productivity and enhance employee experience while reducing costs and protecting mobile data. With 5G implementation around the corner, business should make the most out of it.

Few AI Companies (Aktrea, Digitate)

•  Chatbots and Voice Technology: The rise of AI assistants, natural language innovation and chatbots has already seen a sharp increase. The early versions of these were Siri and Alexa which were clumsy initially, but these technologies have become increasingly active, leading other companies to invest and experiment with it.

•  Inventory and Supply Chain: Machine learning algorithms are useful in retail and other business to manage their inventory as it can automate refilling requests and optimize supply chains. Hence, the inventory management and supply chain decisions can be handed over to AI-based applications.

•  Find the right talent: Finding the right talent for businesses is a time-consuming process. AI can help with the recruitment process and evaluate the performance of the candidates which will help the industry to streamline their recruitment process.

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