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AI Should be Globalised Instead of Being Called an "AI Race"

By CIOReview | Monday, April 16, 2018

Some of the top world leaders off-late have given the clarion call to make their respective countries lead the way in Artificial Intelligence (AI). French President Emmanuel Macron has made his intentions clear that France will soon become an AI leader with an investment of €1.5bn. He demonstrated the nuanced understanding of the opportunity both technologically and socially. Not only France but another superpower from Europe, Russia is also slated to develop in this field. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that any country that invests in AI today will rule the world tomorrow. China has charted out a three-year action plan to establish in AI. However, without jumping straightaway into this league, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has multiple times discussed the consequences of automation and the opportunities that AI brings in. These trends will help in capitalizing on the value of technologies like AI.

Keeping in mind the Paris attacks of 2015, French President Emmanuel Macron is leaving no stones unturned to ensure national security; investing heavily in AI. Compared to France, the spending by UK is a meager £75m i.e. €85m. This figure is pitiable considering the rich intellectual heritage across both humanities and technology domain. The cultural and intellectual differences that exist between these countries also help in the development of appropriate AI systems.

The previous technological paradigms, i.e. the software based on internet, were fostered from the Silicon Valley in the US, which weren’t a monoculture and not as diverse as the complex fabric of the society that these technologies arbitrate.

With the increasing impact of AI among the powerful nations of the world, it is not only about harnessing the data and smart solutions, but also about investing for the betterment of the society and businesses, and the impact AI will have on them. However, one of the contrasting repercussions of AI is that, it can drive returns leading to inequalities like severe political risk which is also known as ‘pitchforks’. Geographically, the US is more likely to face the adverse effects (if they arise) as compared to Europe. AI as a technology gels well with the existing IT.