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AI Solutions can Reorganize Infrastructure Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Artificial intelligence offers an immense possibility in terms of technology based solutions to address infrastructure related challenges.

FREMONT, CA: For increased agility and flexibility, businesses must transform their infrastructure as per their client’s and business needs. An infrastructure that addresses enterprise-wide processes and underlying technologies are crucial to business growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) has an immense possibility to address the challenges mentioned above. Increasingly AI is becoming an inevitable technology for infrastructure management because of the growth of companies with exponentially increasing data sets.  Here are the ways in which AI will impact infrastructure management and pour in significant business benefits:

Enhanced Security with AI

Notorious cyber attacks have disrupted infrastructures across the globe in the past few years. More than 4.5B records were compromised as a result of attacks like WannaCry and the notorious Cambridge Analytica scandal. Due to the amount of data involved, it is impossible for humans to point out all the loopholes in these systems. Even the conventional methods are not competent enough, as is evident from the success rate of these attacks. However, AI systems can spot such unusual patterns and predict possible breaches in the future. Thus, the problems can be dealt with proactively, which will reduce downtime and save resources.

Better Monitoring and Decreased Dependency on Humans

AI solutions are equipped with full-stack monitoring capabilities of systems and networks that can provide real-time intelligence on how to maintain and retain consistency in customer satisfaction. AI allows better process visibility and interdependencies for enterprise infrastructure systems that reduces complexities in business processes and increases the probability of better decision making.

Smart Storage Management with AI

AI is expected to enhance storage management capabilities. Due to the technology’s ability to learn IO patterns and data lifestyles, it is considered a game-changer when it comes to storage management. AI can also preemptively warn the user in case of a storage failure, thus providing them with the time to back-up important data and replace hardware resources well within time.

Automated Support

Uninterrupted IT support is crucial for any software service. If there is additional software equipped with helpdesk functionality that can perform redundant human tasks, companies can utilize their human resources for more productive tasks. AI-driven support software is a crucial tool for Information Management System (IMS) which can be highly effective in resolving service requests.

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