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AI Technology is Becoming Indispensable for Business Success

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) almost addresses all the business requirements, its adoption is being witnessed globally. AI has grown its reputation amid various organizations and has proved to be an asset as it transforms the business operations to yield higher ROI.

The advances in this technology are giving rise to smart devices that can recognize and react to sights, different patterns, sounds, and many more additions which do not require a persistent connection to the cloud technology. Organizations that are planning to adopt these smart devices could unlock greater efficiency and productivity at their workplace. This smart equipment can even help in expanding the existing market and shift the way revenue, and profits are apportioned among industry players.

AI is not just advancing; it is getting better with time. As new devices are catering to consumers and enterprise devices, appliances, and machines with AI capabilities, one is poised to enter an era of pervasive intelligence. The proliferation of AI-powered smart devices marks this era of pervasive intelligence. AI’s subset machine learning will help machines to learn from past experiences, adapt to the changing scenarios and predict outcomes. Also, some devices will infer users’ needs and desires and then collaborate with the other devices by exchanging information, distributing tasks, and coordinating their actions.

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As these smart devices will be AI embedded, rather than solely confined to the cloud innovation, the intelligence in these devices will not depend upon internet connectivity. Connectivity and lower latency is an essential feature in applications such as vehicle navigation or for healthcare applications that demands an instantaneous response and robust performance even during poor connectivity. Many industries can benefit from this AI integration.

Intelligent medical devices with embedded AI can transform healthcare services and promise to cut costs and enhance patient well being. Also at the construction sites, real-time monitoring of progress with drones and smart cameras could prevent project delays. Autonomous vehicles, the most prominent example of machines embedded with intelligence are expected to reshape the transportation sector as it offers a cheaper substitute to traditional car ownership.

Smart devices are here to help the business achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Devices embedded with intelligence will become ubiquitous in a corporate setting and consumers’ lives as well. It’s high time for businesses to realize the potential impact of pervasive intelligence on their business and the industry to reap the benefits.

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