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A.I., the future of lie detection

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A.I. will change the future of lie detection changing the process of business meetings, sales presentations, job interviews and department status updates. Traditional polygraphs need to be administered by an expert using expensive equipment in a controlled environment. Yet those were unreliable and controversial is becoming obsolete. Moreover, the results are not admissible as evidence in court in the U.S. and the U.K.

A.I. has the capability to detect any signal, such as eye movements, facial gestures, body movements, voice intonations to estimate the truthfulness of a person's statements. AI-based apps are also being developed which can be used via smartphones and smart glasses to figure out in real time if the person is lying or not.

With the rapid development of lie-detection A.I. in numerous companies, universities and governments, it will be readily available widely and inexpensively to businesses and consumers in the next two years.

Human, a U.K. company created a technology that detects the emotional state of people in smartphone and security videos. This initiative by the company will benefit businesses for hiring, fraud detection, and customer satisfaction analysis. It can also profile potential customers based on their personality, after an analysis made by A.I.

Converus, a company based in Utah develops a product named EyeDetect which can monitor pupil dilation in the human eye to figure out truths and lies. The product is used for hiring and detecting bank fraud, as well as by police departments as an alternative to the polygraph.

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