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AI: The Key to the Future

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across industries has shown a steady rise, which is expected to cause a significant increase in the potential revenues from AI software. The AI market is increasingly finding real-world applications, as technology providers and startups seek to find solutions targeted to solve highly specific enterprise problems. Being sufficiently attuned to the operation of companies utilizing and benefitting from the internet, it aids in optimizing and cutting down on operational costs.

AI is frequently used to drive customer engagement. It also assists in the collection and analysis of data to predict trends in customer requirements and cater to them better. The rising popularity of chatbots and virtual assistants shows how customers adapt to changing technology trends. This can not only handle oft-repeated yet simple queries, but also more complicated ones requiring analysis or an understanding of the context or background, or even user preferences. Being aided by AI allows people’s interests to be recognized and recorded easily so that their requirements can be understood and met more easily, and with less operational cost.

Every organization integrates various technologies together in different ways. AI can compensate for deficiencies in the same, especially with regard to skill shortage, and helps in improving the overall user experience (UX). It may be just one component of a larger solution, but it can increase optimization once it has been fully integrated into the system. With the several advantages that AI provides, and considering the rapid rate of its technological advancement and the increase in efficiency that comes about with its use, it is beneficial to companies to integrate AI into their solutions as soon as possible.