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AI the New Caretaker, Powering Home Security

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

The evolving world of technology, including artificial intelligence, provides a range of benefits when it comes to keeping home safe.

FREMONT, CA: Security systems of the past used sensors and alarms to detect intruders and would contact a team of security professionals if something was wrong. But in most cases, it was only a false alarm. Today, the ability to couple Artificial Intelligence (AI) with home security combats the problem of false alarms and pseudo intruder detection and provides several benefits while creating complete home protection on which people can depend.

• Wi-Fi Connectivity

Modern security systems allow people to connect their cameras to their home's Wi-Fi connection. With this, one can then download and install a smartphone application so that he can view security footage from anywhere with a cell signal or internet access, all facilitated by AI. The home will notify the user when it detects movement, and viewing the live feed lets the user determine if there is any real threat or a false alarm.

• Facial Recognition

While previous security systems would sound their alarm anytime they detect movement, facial recognition combines with AI to reduce the number of false alarms users experience. The security system's cameras can recognize the user's face and the faces of the people that person invites into the home regularly.

• Smart Home Integration

In addition to facial recognition and Wi-Fi connectivity, AI security systems can also work with smart home technologies like personal voice assistants by learning to recognize the voice. This feature let users use these devices to control their security system, cameras and electronic locks. Access to these security features makes it a little safer when users are not around, letting known people arm and disarm the system with their voices.

Looking to the future, it can be clearly said that upcoming technological advances will create limitless possibilities and future software and security systems will keep the home safe in more ways than the world imagine now.

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