AI to Gain More Significance in Media and Entertainment
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AI to Gain More Significance in Media and Entertainment

By CIOReview | Monday, February 26, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) when utilized properly has the potential to revamp any business and entertainment industry is not an exception. Many big shots in the industry have already discovered and continue to reap the real benefits of AI. From advancement in content creation to bringing innovations, Artificial Intelligence with no second thought is going to rule the industry.

Content Creation

Media demands new content every day and finding the best one is indeed a difficult task. Administrators are now using neural network artificial intelligence to analyze the most sold and appealing content that keeps the crowd engaged. This, in turn, will help retain and increase the viewers as well as bring better ROI.

High Reach

Language is a huge barrier in the field of media and entertainment as it restricts the content to a specific audience. With AI, a content created in a particular language can be converted to any language possible thereby increasing the reach in minimum cost.


The trailer is the key promotion for a movie and to make them livelier; AI can identify the plot and produce a condensed version that attracts the audience.


Supervising live programs is a mental agony as any confusion could spoil the entire event. AI can monitor the entire broadcast and proactively work to cease any mess.  

Social Platform

Every social platform should be handled with a different strategy. Repetitive contents are an abortive way to draw viewers and it can damage your reputation.  At the same time posting different contents across different platform is time-consuming. Basic AI combined with superior media logistics can automate and simplify the process.

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