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AI to Sound More Human

By CIOReview | Monday, February 11, 2019

The world is in the engulfment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. Businesses around the world are already using AI technology to help do things. The top trends to watch in humanizing AI are

1. Humans are beautifully intelligent because they have the ability of natural intelligence. But handling tasks with natural intelligence may consume a lot of time, cost and effort. AI can potentially solve these inabilities by creating systems which perceive their surroundings, learn from them, and showcase decision making and problem-solving skills to accomplish tasks.  AI is used in almost all industries regardless of their size. AI applications cut time, save money and reduce user efforts. It improves productivity and lowers cost. To the manufacturer, it helps provide a product of high value and reach. It also produces new creative growth opportunities.

2. AI and blockchain are major technologies that are catalyzing the speed of innovation and revolutionary changes in the everyday industry. When putting together both can enhance the capabilities of the other offering better opportunities better oversight and accountability. AI and encryption can work hand in hand. Data held on a blockchain is highly secure by its nature. That is, blockchain databases  which hold the information in an encrypted state  are ideal for storing the highly sensitive, personal data which, when smartly processed, can unlock so much value and convenience in business operations. AI can bring plenty in terms of security to this. Currently, AI is concerned with building algorithms that are capable of with data that is in an encrypted state. Also, blockchain can help track, understand and explain decisions made by AI. If AI decisions are recorded on a data point by data point basis on blockchain can make it simpler for them to be audited.

Organizations around the world are now hiring social scientists and linguists to help them make AI sound more human, both about how they sound and how they feel. Like this AI is evolving and will showcase its power like never before.