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AI to transform Customer Service industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 8, 2018

Automation of services has significantly improved with users around the world feeling the need to fulfill regular tasks quickly. Ordering a pizza, restaurant reservations, hotel room bookings and even making a clinic appointment is possible with the advancements in automated solutions. The customer service industry is gaining high momentum with the use of the breakthrough technology of AI that is ruling every industry today.

Having your customer service interactions transformed with AI-powered solutions is bound to improve every aspect of your business from customer experience to brand reputation and preventive assistance. Experts predict that the industry’s 85 percent of communications will run without engaging any customer service representatives.

While forward-thinkers believe that AI has the power to make way for real-time self-service for customer service platforms, it is also true that this technology can change the way customer service solutions are designed. Most of the excitement in AI is about its machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) abilities.

With its ability to multi-task and quickly respond with automated queries, AI is transforming the customer service landscape. AI-based automation of the service is bound to generate responses with great accuracy and speed that a representative can manually not deliver. AI for the industry will, alongside enabling self-service interfaces more intuitive and economical, also help predict specific customer’s requirements from their historic data. With such depth of intelligent assistance, enterprises are sure to offer a great level of customer service leading to retention of customers and acquisition of newer customers.