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AI to Walk Down the Street with Human-Like Cognition

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Founding the future computers with human-level intelligence, AI opens the door to the next technology revolution. The world will soon see AI ramping up into an intelligence explosion.

FREMONT, CA: The technological replica of cognition, AI technology is dramatically evolving and impacting the society, and businesses. The future of AI will be less artificial and more intelligent according to the current advancements. It is a well-reformed information system that makes it more adaptive to humans, improving the interaction between humans and computer systems. AI's cognitive tools have systematically reshaped the way people and companies interact and possess the power to transform business exchanges and human capabilities radically. Gradually, AI will either reach human-level intelligence or cause human parity.

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a real-life artificial intelligence that experts have a name for. To help AI accomplish the most complex human-like tasks, powering advances in computer-based sensing, understanding, and action are needed. The long-term scientific goal for many AI researchers continues to be the mechanism of human-level intelligence. Machines are intelligent as humans as they can do most of the things like humans. Humans can think, and so can any machine processing human-level intelligence. Machines exhibiting real human-level intelligence can do many things that humans can. 

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AI's influence on the way companies do business will soon become the ultimate vision to drive the industries. AI helps in converting discrete manufacturing into an interactive business model that enables customers to be active participants in product design, engineering, and production. In banking sectors, blockchain and AI opens a new door to the new generation of personalized banking, accelerating the launch of new value chains and revenue streams. AI solutions benefit real-time decision-making to improve the customer journey.

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