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AI Utilization in Sales

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 29, 2018

The use of AI is not limited to multinational corporations alone. Salesforce, a sales platform, handles around a billion queries on a daily basis using its AI system, Einstein, which can be used across small and large businesses.

AI aids businesses in identifying new opportunities. Yet, AI remains largely untapped even now, requiring a rich set of data to work with.

AI has established the importance of its role in sales, points out Peter Coffee, vice president of strategic research at Salesforce. He also points out how, whenever AI does something useful, the feature gets a distinctive name—like voice or face recognition—and utilizing AI optimally requires proper navigation.

Using chatbots and AI solutions are not new in sales, but the customer is frequently unaware of their use. Predictive insight generated by AI has been used by sales representatives to improve sales, and with gradual customer awareness, it is being accepted—the fear of the unknown causes customers to mistrust AI.

The rise of AI is inevitable. As people’s online and offline activity is tracked using AI, the choices provided to them become increasingly personalized as they are in sync with their previously made choices. Google alone can track over a billion shops annually and can access 75 percent of credit card activity in the U.S., which gives them greater insight into user preferences. With the steady increase of AI usage, the dynamic process will be introduced in the near future, which will only add to the benefits provided by AI.

The rise of AI, however, can be highly challenging to small businesses, which might have superior products without the AI insight provided by platforms like Amazon and Google, making the position of these businesses precarious.