AIC Offers New Cost Effective Rack Solutions for Data Centers with Improved Power Efficiency

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2015

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA: AIC, a provider of server storage and solutions, announces a new rack architecture that includes centralized power and thermal solutions targeting cloud and data center usage. The latest solution will enable companies to better their operational efficiency and provide the ease of management to stay on top of the business.

Smart Rack cloud solution is based on OpenStack with Gemini Open Cloud from Gemini Open Cloud Computing and Federator SDS from ProphetStor. Together, they constitute a ready-to-deploy appliance for cloud services. Gemini and ProphetStor are partnering with AIC to provide these solutions.

The core of AIC Smart Rack comprises compute nodes, storage server nodes and JBOD nodes empowering customers to mix and match nodes in the rack to run different applications. AIC enables users to quickly setup and manage the right combination of their various computational and data storage requirements.

Companies involved in oil, gas and mining, bioinformatics, hospital and research facilities are required to manage tremendous amount of data. Such organizations can take advantage of the benefits AIC Smart Racks has to offer, that include better thermal solution by providing fans for all nodes, improved power efficiency using platinum power modules and reliable management with redundant, remote capability.

"Our partnership with ProphetStor Data Services marked a major milestone in our long-term effort to transition from a pure-play hardware supplier to a solution vendor. Together, we offer our customers a unified platform that can be introduced into any existing cloud computing environment and provide management, monitoring, automation, and a host of data services across many disparate storage arrays that are traditionally incompatible with one another," says Michael Liang, CEO, AIC.