AIC's High-Density Storage Server Chassis to Streamline Maintenance

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA:  AIC, a provider of server and storage solutions, unveils high-density storage server with a storage capacity up to 2.5 times greater than existing solutions. The RSC-4H server is packed with tool-less design feature for simplified maintenance; a series of JBODs(Just a Bunch of Disks) that connects to the server offer scalability.

The latest solution, RSC-4H functions as server node housing 60 drives with built-in light pipe for drive status LED in 4U height. It consumes less power and is suitable for cold storage and shared storage. Users can implement the server as a virtual tape library which is ideal for organizations looking for cost effective, long-term storage of data that aren’t accessed immediately for mission critical tasks.

RSC-4H will be motherboards-free offering customers the flexibility to choose motherboard according to their requirements. It supports up to E-ATX motherboards. For cold storage, users can cascade the three 20-port 6Gb SAS backplanes connecting one of the three to host bus adapter (HBA) to manage all the drives as a single configuration. For shared storage, users can connect the backplanes directly to an HBA for more bandwidth and improved performance.

Low-power fans and 80 Plus Platinum power supply reduces the operating costs and total cost of ownership. The fans consume less power and run at a slightly higher RPM while 80 Plus Platinum power supply proves to be energy efficient across varied workloads.

"Applications for the RSC-4H include media storage, medical imaging repositories, and email archiving," noted CT Sun, Chief Architect, AIC. "It is also suitable for surveillance DVR systems, private cloud storage solutions, and warehousing large amounts of data."