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AI-Driven Conversational Platforms to Optimize Customer Experience and Call Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Russell Horowitz, Marchex Executive Chairman

Russell Horowitz, Marchex Executive Chairman

With AI at its core, businesses are gaining infinite opportunities to engage and understand customers effectively.  

FREMONT, CA: Leading call analytics service provider, Marchex has launched its new conversational artificial intelligence technology solution with enhanced capabilities for better services. The latest release is designed to deliver highly personalized experiences for customers, and derive better insights into customer behavior by interpreting complex language. Thus, businesses will be able to understand customers better and convert that understanding into sales. The suite of pre-trained Conversational AI models is built on the Marchex Stream, the company's recently unveiled conversational data streaming and business intelligence platform.

The features that are a part of Marchex's new offering make it one of the best in the market. It has deep consumer intent signals that help identify information like and categorize them into actionable insights. With these insights, businesses can understand what exactly a consumer wants and thus enhance marketing efforts and customer sales experience. The intelligent lead scoring mechanism, which is a part of the offering gives businesses a chance at understanding which caller has more chances of converting into a customer, enabling prioritization. A new churn model is also a part of the suite, and it reads and conveys information regarding customers who might be considering a switch to other service providers, thereby giving businesses better odds at retaining customers.

Conversation outcome signals present in the conversational AI suite empowers organizations to capture critical data and review them to gain deep insights into every action that a customer takes. With this identification, it is possible to process more positive outcomes. Businesses can also benefit from tools for tracking a salesperson's performance and thus creating an opportunity for training and making them more effective. The best part about this offering is that it has pre-trained models for a range of industries.

Marchex secures its place among the 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers by CIOReview. By enabling its client companies to excel in understanding customers and converting leads into sales faster than ever, the company has earned a reputation for itself. Its series of intelligent solutions help capture markets through effective maximization of marketing investments and improving brand experience.