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AI-driven Recovery to Guide Addicts to Health

By CIOReview | Friday, July 12, 2019

The hurdle to provide thousands of people with personalized healing and care requires the involvement of technology; and artificial intelligence (AI) fits the bill perfectly.

FREMONT, CA: Addiction aftermaths are always a challenge with serious implications not only for the individual but for the family members too. The individual has to go through numerous processes to deal with his plight. Not all the methods work for everyone. The only option left is personalized healing that works better than general healing methods. However, the hurdle to provide thousands of individuals with personalized healing and care requires the involvement of technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) is just the right match. Here’s how AI can help individuals…

Relapse Prediction

AI-based apps can predict when a person face a relapse risk based on clinical research and studies. The apps can also offer suggestions for treatments. On the other hand, some apps detect if a recovering addict has gone to a bar and will immediately share numbers they can call or provide them with strategies that they can use to avoid a relapse.

Eliminating Negative Influences

Negative influences or unhealthy social circles can push the addicts back into addiction. Especially young people dealing with addiction are susceptible to be carried away by their friends. AI algorithms can be used that considers the relationship history between two individuals, and based on the judgment it recommends if that relationship is safe or not.

Guiding the Treatment Process

Group meetings are the traditional form of addiction treatment that aims to provide the addicts with moral support during the healing process. However, everyone might not be comfortable to share his experiences in a group. AI-based apps can track the recovery process of the individual and connect them via chatting apps with a personal coach who can assist them as required.

On setting Treatment

The toughest challenge that lies ahead of the recovery process is for the addicts to admit that they are in a problem. With the help of AI platforms, the individuals can be guided toward the road to recovery. Such platforms can provide the addicts with lifestyle advice, a diet plan, or suggest appropriate social solutions.

AI has a huge potential to help patients with addiction and related tendencies. Though the applications of AI are in still in their infantile phase, they haven’t failed to provide impressive results.

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