AI-Generated Optics From Kura Technologies To Deliver Unparalleled Performance For The Future Of The Metaverse
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AI-Generated Optics From Kura Technologies To Deliver Unparalleled Performance For The Future Of The Metaverse

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Kura is on track to deliver the best-performing augmented reality glasses later this year and enhance the metaverse with its one-of-a-kind development kit optics.

FREMONT, CA: “An AR headset is nothing without its display and optics,” states Kura Founder, CEO and CTO Kelly Peng. “Kura's groundbreaking performance is made possible by our grounds-up architecture, including custom display silicon we've fabricated with TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, custom micro-LED display, and custom AI-generated optics.” Kura Technologies, an award-winning developer of the best-in-class augmented reality (AR) smart glasses and platform, has come up with its fully customized and highly anticipated development kit optics are up and running in the lab, and production will commence later this year.

Kura's optics are uniquely capable of—up to 150 degrees of field of view, a world record for waveguide-type displays, and nine times the viewable area of the current market leaders. It has 8K resolution, which is 16 times the resolution of current augmented reality, and enables text readability that is crucial for training, remote collaboration, and design. Up to 95 percent transparency is significantly higher than the typical 25 percent transparency of other products; Kura's performance enables natural eye contact and safe operation. The ability to perform different tasks using augmented reality, compact waveguide displays in the form of eyeglasses, enable attractive, ergonomic glasses suitable for extended use, extensive depth range, permitting natural interactions from arm's length to infinity, and zero front light leakage. Others cannot see the content the wearer is viewing, which is essential for defense, security uses, and everyday privacy. Kura is the only waveguide display capable of achieving zero light leakage.

“We have our amazing team to thank for this groundbreaking work. Our team of world-class experts includes pioneers in machine learning, MIT-educated engineers and PhDs in program synthesis, AI, advanced algorithms, signal processing, machine learning, optics, and high-performance computing, and award-winning math and computer science experts,” says Kura Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Bayley Wang. “It's this sort of experience which gives us the boldness to break free of traditional paradigms and craft something completely novel, something that very few other groups can pull off.”

Industry leaders such as General Motors, Caterpillar, Trimble, and several government organizations came to Kura after being disappointed with the performance of rival AR glasses because they knew Kura's solution would meet or exceed their expectations.

"It's been thought impossible to build a headset which is transparent enough to look someone in the eye and opaque enough to see images in daylight, but Kura's AI optimizer and simulator assemble the optics in a truly mind-boggling way that makes this possible," says Dr. James Koppel, Kuras software advisor, who holds a Ph.D. from MIT on AI for generating programming tools.