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AI-Powered Carevue EHR Platform to Help Medsphere Enhance Quality of Care

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019

Medsphere Systems Corporation's upgrade to the EHR platform uses machine learning and natural language processing tools for improved care.

Fremont, CA: Medsphere Systems Corporation, a healthcare IT solutions provider, announced the addition of AI to its CareVue electronic health record (EHR) platform. The company is one of the first ones to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to EHRs.

The full clinical and financial suite of applications by CareVue comes with an AI engine, which is developed by CloudMedx, a clinical AI platform. This provides clinicians and administrators with the control to extract actionable insights from the company data. CareVue alongside CloudMedx can minimize administrative burdens by robotic process automation. They also help in efficiently spending money.

This partnership with CloudMedx helps CareVue achieve the analytics that other electronic health record (EHRs) aim at. CareVue AI analyzes both structured and unstructured data from patient records, and from pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, and other applications. It then enforces natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) tools for care process improvement. CareVue AI also tries to improve patient risk assessments and quicker clinical documentation, in turn reducing the errors.

AI helps maximize data, which is beneficial to technicians and others involved in the healthcare process. Clinical and financial process automation helps hospitals improve their overall quality of care. The care staff and physicians as it provides clinical insights, and gives them information on concerns that need to be addressed. The coding and documentation personnel can improve chart review and turn around results by optimizing their workloads efficiently.

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CloudMedx gives application programming interfaces (APIs) access to care partners to help CareVue AI clients optimize the NLP and ML benefits. CloudMedx's patient care application on CareVue will give patients insights on personal health and other educational information. Medsphere can offer extensive healthcare IT to all types of healthcare organizations, by providing subscription services to the CareVue EHR.

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