AI-Powered Social Media Marketing in 2019
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AI-Powered Social Media Marketing in 2019

By CIOReview | Monday, February 18, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the way brands interact with the consumers and the way marketing strategies are implemented. AI-driven platform helps in sharing information digitally, be it photographs, thoughts or even buying behavior. Brands can use this wealth of data to capitalize on social media marketing. Therefore the industry is changing and adapting to make sure this data is much more accessible. AI plays a crucial role in the digital marketing sector. With applications like voice search and chatbots, AI is already harvesting with the available information.

1.  Social Media Marketing: This is the era of social media. Whether it’s about reaching out to potential clients or nurturing the existing one, social media has become an integral part of boosting business success. AI analyzes voluminous data to identify trending topics and understand user behavior. Companies that offer online marketing services are exploring new ways to use social media while integrating AI.

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2.  Blending customer care and social analytics: With the help of chatbots, AI has gained prominence on the social channels, combining customer care and social analytics through customer service. Social media giants are serving as a platform for brands to showcase their products and embrace the use of these platforms. AI can help in guiding businesses about what customers are looking for, what aspects are important to them, and what trend occur regularly.

3.  AI and Customer Care: AI can help businesses in achieving quick, responsive and transparent response time than what customers expect. It can also analyze what customers’ tweet, posts or comments and identify positive and negative feedback, but there’s more of what AI can do for customer care aspect of a business. Many AI systems have machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, and these are essential to real-time self-service on the customer service platform. Moreover, AI can respond to queries much faster than humans.

There are numerous other services that AI is providing in the customer service domain such as giving a more natural way to identifying customer issues and addressing them, defining customer behavior patterns, introducing loyalty programs for clients, and much more.

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