AI-powered Solutions for Omnichannel Patient Engagement
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AI-powered Solutions for Omnichannel Patient Engagement

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 2, 2018

As enhanced patient engagement is gaining traction, healthcare organizations have started to focus on consumer expectations. The time is right for conversational AI to satisfy the necessities of value-based care and increased patient demand for services.

Such a paradigm shift in care delivery will count on data pulled from direct and indirect sources to offer a more comprehensive view of a patient. These AI-powered machines can process massive amounts of tailored data across varied formats including text, speech, graphics, and videos. This will also help the doctors to monitor the patients hence improving the level of care.

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AI also assists in comparing individual patients’ distinctive health characteristics with those of other patients with similar profiles, through in-depth database mining. These practices will lead to more efficient diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. Artificial intelligence is serving as the key medium in transforming the healthcare industry. Adopting AI to execute administrative tasks can help human resources spend less time on non-essential tasks and more time on connecting with their patients. AI can also help in tackling recurring patient inquiries thereby releasing employees to focus on higher-order service.

With the increase in healthcare expenses, the focus has shifted individual’s inclination from disease treatment to prevention. In addition, AI allows making workflows more efficient and improving user engagement. Healthcare is thus beginning to explore conversational AI to automate interactions with patients.

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