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AirDroid Business Launches Affordable Pricing Plans for Organizations of All Sizes

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio/AirDroid Business

Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio/AirDroid Business

Android MDM solution offers a scalable pricing plan with businesses only paying for the devices and features they need.

FREMONT, CA: Today, Sand Studio, Android mobile device management (MDM) solution provider, announced new subscription-based pricing plans for AirDroid Business. The new pricing plans offer flexibility and predictability to fulfill the requirements of organizations of all sizes. The base plans provide business customers tailored solutions with the financial freedom to add the devices and the add-on features such as Kiosk Mode, Application Management Service, and location-based Geofencing as needed.

"We are pleased to announce our new pricing options that directly cater to the needs of our customers," said Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio. "We understand how important flexibility is to small teams and organizations that need the financial freedom but also the ability to scale when they grow. For medium and large organizations, predictability for financial planning is valued greatly, along with robust capabilities to manage Android devices effectively. Our new pricing plans ensure that everyone can take advantage of AirDroid Business' reliable device management solutions with optimal affordability to only pay for what they need."

The Basic Plan: A robust Android remote access suite for smaller teams and offices

· The Basic plan provides a powerful remote access suite for teams with over ten attended & unattended Android devices.

· Suits best for small offices and start-ups in pursuit for remote control, file sharing, and some light member management needed for daily operations.

· Pocket-friendly entry starting as low as $100/10 devices/year, with options for other devices, add-ons, and upgrades.

The Ultimate Plan: device management and remote access for small-to-medium-sized organizations

· Ultimate plan is an entirely into remote device management solution that provides the organizations with robust monitoring and management capabilities, security enhancements, centralized app management, advanced access rights, and the ability to control any device at any time.

· Best for organizations or teams that requires to monitor the status of their devices without being on-site frequently. They also require an advanced management option such as device grouping, member access rights, notification, and many more.

· Best valued plan, beginning at $190/10 devices/year with included Application Management Service (AMS).

The Enterprise Plan: Complete features and add-ons for medium to large organizations

· Enterprise plan is the complete package with more space for managing a large fleet of devices and all the available add-on features to lock down and track devices.

· Suited organizations that hope to ease the daily process of managing groups of devices out in the field with a solution that consolidates managing, monitoring, controlling, securing, and tracking devices with one easy-to-use yet robust interface.

· Organizations can benefit from AirDroid Businesses' complete features and add-ons for the low-price of $320/10 devices every year.

An ever-increasing number of businesses are revolutionizing their customer service, IT management, and employee work processes along with mobile device management and remote access software. AirDroid Business consolidates remote control and management for attended and unattended Android devices for easy access, enabling the employees, customers, and IT professionals to stay productive and efficient.