AirIT's EASE to Enhance Passenger Processing Technology of Allegheny County Airport

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 4, 2015

ORLANDO, FL: AirIT, a part of Amadeus group- an Airport business industry supplier, will be working with Allegheny County Airport authority to provide virtualized passenger processing technology in Pittsburgh International Airport.

Pittsburgh International Airport opted AirIT’s Extended Airline System Environment (EASE) which is a virtualized passenger processing technology solution that will enable operation of passenger preferred processing of airline and its resources regardless of time.

EASE will also offer its users integration with additional AirIT technology such as Baggage Management and Reconciliation System used during check in, Intelligent Kios System for e-ticketing and integration with other third party system provider.

AirIT CEO and CTO, Beteros Wakim acknowledged that EASE is cost effective and can operate in any airport regardless of volume as well as allow Airline Carriers to operate in their own systemized working environment. It is flexible regarding cost because it provides low pricing compared to typical common proprietary software provider and limits using operating system and computers.  Presently EASE is adopted by 37 operating Airports in North America. Allegheny Airport Authority stated that they are conveniently able to manage facilities in ticket counter in more efficient and substantial way.