Akamai Adds New Capabilities to Its Web Performance Solution, Akamai Ion
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Akamai Adds New Capabilities to Its Web Performance Solution, Akamai Ion

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 16, 2014

MIAMI, FL:  Akamai, a provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications has announced new capabilities to the company's flagship Web Performance Solution, Akamai Ion.

The solution, with its new capabilities can deliver fast, quality web experiences to the user’s browser, device, data source, network or connection type by combining its real time actionable insights dynamic site optimization, and front-end optimization into a single, powerful solution. These features improve web site and application performance offering increased self serviceability for customers' Akamai environments thereby providing greater intelligence and insights in the user experience. The features include:

Faster Performance: Ion features 75 percent faster DNS resolution via Zone apex mapping to help web users. It also offers new intelligent routing decisions for users of third-party distributed DNS solutions such as Google DNS or Open DNS that are designed to provide performance improvements in key emerging markets.

Greater Self-Serviceability: Ion now features greater self-service capabilities intended to make configuration and optimization easier than ever. Optimal Suggested Policy introduces a dynamic configuration engine that helps identify ideal optimization settings.

Insight and Intelligence: New performance reporting capabilities are designed to provide customers better insight into interruptions and delays originating in the data center. Planned enhancements to Ion Real User Monitoring (RUM) are expected to offer broad visibility for both Akamai sites and non-Akamai sites to illustrate the impact of optimizations on overall web performance.

Besides introducing a range of new capabilities, Akamai is also announcing two new Ion editions intended to meet a company's specific requirements and primary use cases for web site and application optimization. The products include:

Ion Premier: A powerful and comprehensive solution designed to offer maximum scale, performance and intelligence with specific focus on optimizing the front-end. Ion Premier is designed for organizations delivering highly complex web experiences where performance is measured in milliseconds, such as top online retailers.

Ion Standard: Ion Standard is intended to provide performance, offload, and availability with key insight and intelligence accessed via easy to manage cloud-based service built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Ion Standard is ideal for customers looking for get up with out-of-the-box optimizations while maintaining the flexibility to easily customize their Ion deployments as business needs evolve.