Akamai Technologies and Juniper Networks Collaborate to Counter Bandwidth Challenges due to Greater Video Sharing on Networks

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: The communication networks are facing a crunch in terms of handling video data which only seems to be increasing exponentially at the global level. To address this pressing challenge, Akamai which has vast experience in providing cloud-based delivery of online content and business applications, is teaming up with Juniper Networks, a network technology innovator.

These two companies are demonstrating an Elastic Content Delivery Network (CDN) system in which Akamai’s virtualized Aura Licensed CDN and Juniper’s Contrail controller work together for dynamic scaling of network resource allocation for varying content streaming from the large event broadcast. Focus is also beamed upon accelerating service creation for Service Providers who use CDNs to be able to make available multiscreen video services.

Customers who are looking for multiscreen video services are finding CDN-assisted IP video as an efficient means in that end. Meanwhile, operators are now considering virtualization as an effective means for streamlined network performance.

On-network Elastic CDN voids the legacy approach in which a combination of dedicated hardware, long lead times, and extensive planning in order to add capacity. This technology leverages Juniper Networks Contrail to achieve quicker configuration of virtual network resources within a virtual CDN. Through this, it achieves additional caching capacity in a few minutes rather taking waiting for a long haul.

The collaborated solution works in an OpenStack environment and helps users with greater network allocation capacity in significantly less time and cost.