Alert Logic: Both Cloud and On-Premises Systems Under Malware Attack

By CIOReview | Friday, April 25, 2014

FREMONT, CA: As more businesses are migrating to cloud, there is a significant increase in attacks across both cloud and on-premises environments, reveals Spring 2014 Cloud Security Report by Alert Logic, which provides SaaS solutions to secure the application and infrastructure stack. According to Alert Logic report, dramatic increase in cloud based brute force attacks and vulnerability scans are two of the concerning trends; brute force attack climbed from 30 percent to 44 percent while vulnerability scans increased from 27 percent to 44 percent. Historically both the attacks were more likely to target on premise systems but have now equally targeting cloud based systems too.   

Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic says, “As more enterprise workloads have moved into cloud and hosted infrastructures, some traditional on-premises threats have followed them. This reinforces the necessity for enterprise-grade security solutions specifically designed to protect cloud environments.”

As a part of the research, Alert Logic has also deployed honeypots in public cloud infrastructures around the world to observe attack types and frequency. Some of the key findings from the honeypot deployments are:

  1. Highest volume of attacks occurred in Europe, where honeypots experienced four times the number of attacks as the U.S.
  2. 14% of malware collected through the honeypots was considered undetectable by 51 of the world’s top antivirus vendors.

Alert Logic thus stresses out the fact that organizations should start using defense solutions specially for clouds rather than relying on traditional tools.