Alfresco and Active Navigation announced a New Technology Alliance
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Alfresco and Active Navigation announced a New Technology Alliance

By CIOReview | Monday, September 8, 2014

SAN MATEO, CA: Alfresco software, the hybrid, enterprise content management (ECM) provider and Active Navigation, the Information Governance Solutions provider, announced a new technology partnership to tackle specific content challenges associated with record organization and retention.

 Using record management (RM) technology to improve compliance is a pressing issue. This new union brings together two masters of their respective domains, offering integrated capability around RM where records managers will have the strength of Alfresco's RM application complemented by the analytical power of Active Navigation. This transforms the records management scenario to one of hard-cost savings and ease of use for customers as opposed to one solely driven by records management compliance obligations. 

Through this partnership, using the OASIS open standard Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), Active Navigation and Alfresco have successfully integrated their products and can ‘upload’ cleaned data and their attributes into the Alfresco One platform.  

These remediation and intelligent migration capabilities for unstructured information are available today for Alfresco One’s open source CMS.                  

Active Navigation’s solution brings analytics and actionable visualization, supported by a proven methodology,” says Peter Baumann, CEO and Founder, Active Navigation. “It ensures complete integrity around the data that is to be kept, stored, or deleted. The software also enables the identification of sensitive data and development of classification structures, including metadata augmentation that can be used as part of a migration to Alfresco One.

“With looming mandates for electronic records retention going unmet, our partnership delivers the most cost-effective way of complying with these requirements,” says John Newton, founder and CTO of Alfresco Software. “It was critical for our two companies to find an open standards approach to address the needs of federal and other governmental organizations and we believe we have the simplest, smartest way to meet these needs.”