Alight Analytics Brews Automation in Data Integration for Effective Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Alight Analytics, a marketing data aggregation firm, releases an advanced file upload system for its ChannelMix platform, a data-as-a-service marketing data aggregation platform. With this new addition, the platform gives users the ability to import file formats such as Excel and CSVs for inclusion and assimilation into existing data.

The ChannelMix platform automatically integrates online marketing data, offline marketing data, sales data and all other relevant marketing performance metrics into a single source to improve the functioning of the marketing systems. As the file uploader can easily consolidate and stitch data into other marketing sources, ChannelMix can access any and all data necessary for analysis.

The three components of ChannelMix platform include:

ChannelMix Feed

Ideal for companies who are already analyzing data, the ChannelMix feed gives them the control over how data is organized and displayed. Using the existing systems and processes for business intelligence and data visualization, companies can connect to live data sources and create performance reports, analyze results, and build dashboards. The flexibility of the ChannelMix Feed product feeds the aggregated data to the brands and keeps them stored in-house.

ChannelMix Self Service

Offering both connected data and a means to analyze it, ChannelMix Self Service has been designed for agencies and brands looking for a quick all-in-one business analysis toolkit.  It provides infrastructure, and teaches marketers how to use their visualization tools from anywhere, at any time, in real time.

ChannelMix Full Service

As part of its ChannelMix Full Service offering, the platform plays the role of data aggregator, platform service provider, and business analyst. A range of services from custom web analytics, tailored dashboards, business analysis to data science are all provided to companies for the cost of a full time employee.

“Automation is an important element of repeatable data collection. Our new file uploader for ChannelMix fixes a process that was far too manual. And it now means that the reporting-ready files we hand back to our clients are even better and more accurate than ever before,” said Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder, Alight.