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Alike v4.5 Now Available for the Citrix XenServer Market

By CIOReview | Friday, July 8, 2016

BURLINGTON, VT: Quadric Software introduces data protection for XenServer and full support for Citrix XenServer7 with the new release of Alike v4.5.

The backup vendor primarily focuses on the XenServer platform, and has designed the Alike v4.5 software to work flawlessly with XenServer hypervisors. The latest version of the software comprises new change block tracking capabilities with XenServer, which assists in completing backup and replication jobs quickly.

Alike's intuitive, simple UI provides advanced features that users actually need. CEO and Co-founder, Phil Baskette, talks about the user-friendly design and unique features, “Most enterprise solutions are unnecessarily complex and designed to have more features than function. Along with a uniquely intuitive design, Alike is different because its integration with XenServer enables our software to adapt to major shifts within the platform in a way no other solution can.”

Alike v4.5’s new NCDP feature, combined with unmatched deduplication offers the best performance and the most storage savings for XenServer environments. No other solution was designed specifically for XenServer, and no other solution is as dedicated to the Xen platform. Combined with Alike's unmatched deduplication, users benefit from the best performance for XenServer, and incredible savings on bandwidth and storage costs.

“Enterprise solutions can also be extremely expensive and any storage or other savings they offer are typically offset by the high TCO they require,” adds Baskette. “Alike's unique combination of simplicity, very low TCO, and the best performance for XenServer makes our software very attractive to users with XenServer environments.”