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All New Hiked ComplianceMax Ad Review Module for Sound Management of Ads

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LAKEVILLE, CT: In today’s enterprise world, advertising strikes a pivotal chord in the success, as it is somewhat directly proportional to the sales of the product. But with the growth of advertisement strategy, there is also a demand for putting effective regulation around it, in response to which National Regulatory Services (NRS) launches the first of its kind Advertising review system with bi-directional AREF integration.

The tool comes as an upgrade to the Advertising and Public Communication Review module on its ComplianceMax (cMAX) platform. This module allows firms to file pieces with FINRA using AREF, which automatically retrieves FINRA’s Comment Letter, and hence facilitates documentation of an end-to-end workflow process.

At times, Administrative system faces burden that even tests the capacity of compliance department, but cMAX overcomes this with advanced technology that automates the filing of advertising material to FINRA (with Principal approval). Compliance professionals can take due advantage of the operation after the final approval of filing. They will be notified once the comment letter has been made available by FINRA and then automatically linked to original filing in cMAX.

Moreover, the cMAX Ad Review Module provides SEC 17a-4(f) compliant storage to maintain records. It holds a secure business continuity plan (BCP) that helps in backing the central data repository, hence giving elasticity in workflow services that is tailor made for individual firm’s procedures. The submission form content is exclusively made available to the business which informs reporting, and also the Optical Single-Sign-On (SSO) simplifies access and ease-of-use.

The compliance technology platform includes module that assists multiple business processes including branch audits, annual disclosures, Form ADV Part 2B supplements, customer complaints, firm element training and rep registration management.