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AllAfrica Enhances Content Delivery Solutions by Partnering With Acquire Media

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

Washington, DC: Acquire Media has been one of the trusted partners and assisted AllAfrica Global Media in distributing contents of the African publication. AllAfrica is well known for accumulating African news and information from 120 organizations and 500 institutions and individuals through AllAfrica News Wire. Consequently AllAfrica along with its systems technology developer capabilities, pose as one of the leading distributor of news and information in Africa with its omni-presence via website, mobile application, and social media accessibility.

“Acquire Media has been a trusted distributor of our content collection for over five years. Acquire Media’s unparalleled ability to deliver our content in any format including XML or JSON and through any delivery channel makes them the perfect partner for enhanced delivery options to our customers.” said Reed Kramer, Chief Executive Officer of AllAfrica Global Media.

 “We are excited to have AllAfrica partner with us to offer enhanced delivery options to its customers,” said Brad Scher, CEO of Acquire Media. “At Acquire Media, we specialize in giving the down-stream users exactly the format they need through the delivery mechanism they prefer.”

In addition, Acquire Media is known for systematically delivering text news and multimedia with latest technology. As a result, AllAfrica’s content is delivered to entrepreneurs, analysts, diplomats, students, scholars, activists, decision makers and thought leaders around the world.

“We also preserve the publisher’s metadata and enhance the content with our sophisticated identification of places, persons, and entities. In addition to entity extraction, Acquire Media categorizes all the content using our advanced ACME subject, industry, and location taxonomies. Using our sophisticated Syndication Suite and our extensive format transformation libraries, Acquire Media can offer AllAfrica content in any format and by any delivery mechanism within hours of receiving this basic information,” Scher added.