Allegro Unleashes Next Generation Commodity Management Software

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DALLAS, TX: Allegro Development Corporation has officially introduced its new software—Allegro Horizon—to the world with a massive marketing campaign. The leading provider of commodity management software claims the solution will successfully address the commodity trading and risk management needs of industries ranging from chemical and food manufacturing, agriculture and forestry to oil, gas, and the utilities industry, reports Business Wire.

"Allegro Horizon was developed in response to the current state of the global commodity marketplace, which continues to be affected by ongoing price volatility, political uncertainty, dramatic climatic events, sweeping regulatory change, and technological upheaval," revealed Frank Brienzi, CEO, Allegro. “I am confident we have developed the most sophisticated software platform on the market for commodity trading, risk management and compliance.”

The new solution aims to deliver improved compliance reporting, financial controls, and optimal trading position visibility along with driving profitability through risk mitigation. According to the CEO, individual deployment and upgrade are two capabilities each and every Horizon product is embedded with.  The products represent an optimal configuration, more closely aligned with how Allegro clients do business across business units, desks and departments. As a result, the clients are empowered with such benefits as less intrusive upgrades, easier adoption and greater implementation flexibility.

The initial release of Horizon includes performance and scalability enhancements—on-premise or cloud deployment. In order to deliver new feature capability and increased innovation while providing complete, differentiated and value-driven solutions across the commodity management marketplace, the product releases have been defined by a multi-year roadmap.

“We’ve made a significant investment in Allegro Horizon to create a more productized and industry-focused approach to delivering commodity management solutions that align with our customers’ business models," said Brienzi. "Horizon is very much a collaborative effort with our customers and partners. Our first roadmap has been published, and we will continue to provide product roadmaps on a quarterly basis to share all major product drops and technology initiatives."