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Alleviating Banking Risks with Tech-Driven Security Strategies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The financial service enterprise has gone through a remarkable change over the last few decades. The agile transformation and evolving regulatory environments have resulted in a highly complex ecosystem. Stakeholders who play influential roles in the banking industry bring in new opportunities and complexities as well. Banking sectors need to adjust management procedures to accommodate risks that come with new players.

• Credit Risk

Credit risk is a universal banking risk where uncertainty involved in the repayment of banks dues. When borrowers are unable to pay credit at maturity due to their financial problems, banks suffer huge losses. It can be solved by correctly monitoring and evaluating default rates.

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• Cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity risks in the banking sector are common. Hackers always have tricks up on their sleeves to enter security firewalls and steal personal, as well as monetary data. It can be curbed if banks invest in top-notch online security programs that are impenetrable.

• Market risk

Bank shares going below due to market changes are a common risk in the financial service industry. The risk can be mitigated with the help of a sound liability management system.

• Compliance risk

When banks breach the rules and regulation put in place by regulatory organizations, compliance risk arises. The bank's reputation is likely to be affected, and for this sole reason banking institutions should formulate and manage compliance policies across all business units.

• Reputational risks

When the public loses trust in the banks, the reputational risk arises. The bank's image can be compromised even without any wrongdoing. Maintenance and formation of public perception is a fundamental aspect of successfully running a banking institution.

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Banking sectors are the same as any other business that faces risks. Banks carefully supervise certain risks through efficient internal & external controls. Compliance and tech-driven audits help banks to keep risks in check. If banks have a strong capital base, only then systematic risks can be ignored. With the right solutions, banking sectors stay in business and retain the trust of the public.