Allocadia Announces Allocadia Cloud Exchange to Enhance Marketing Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC: Allocadia, developer of Marketing Performance Management software has come up with data integration framework, Allocadia Cloud Exchange to offer enhanced marketing services. The software has the ability to easily connect the company to the leading marketing, sales, and finance systemsthereby allowing marketers to clearly demonstrate the value of marketing investments and returns.

Allocadia Cloud Exchange’s relationship with other marketing platforms also helps marketers to pull and push data from and into Allocadia, amplifying its power and supporting Allocadia cloud software as the central system of record for marketers.

"We developed Allocadia Cloud Exchange to answer the call of many of our customers for an even faster, easier way to connect Allocadia to their existing systems," says Katherine Berry, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Allocadia. "We're proud of the important investments we've made in this new framework because it significantly increases the value of our platform for both our partners and customers. By combining Allocadia data with that of Salesforce, Marketo, Workfront and many others, CMOs gain an unprecedented level of insight to drive smart decision-making which is the cornerstone of a revenue-driven marketing organization."

Allocadia Cloud Exchange connects Allocadia to the marketing technology systems including: CRM, Marketing Automation, Advertising, Web and Social Analytics, Finance, Procurement, Enterprise & Resource Planning and Project & Asset Management. Additionally, Allocadia offers customers à-la-carte connectors to meet virtually any system requirements and any timeline.