AllSeen's New Technology Enables IoT Interoperability

By CIOReview | Friday, July 3, 2015

SAN FRANSCISCO, CA: AllSeen Alliance, a provider of open source IoT framework for the Internet of Everything, announces the release of AllJoyn Device System Bridge (DSB) that enables interoperability between a wide range of systems and networks.

DSB built on AllJoyn, an open source software project enables connected devices and applications in the IoT to communicate with each other regardless of the brand either locally or remotely. DSB also known as ‘superconnector’ enables devices that use interfaces other than AllJoyn to bridge into the AllJoyn ecosystem.

DSB’s structural components include Adapter to create and manage virtual devices, a bridge that creates an application attachment for devices with security settings, and interface to provide interconnection to the purpose built device system. Multiple DSBs of same kind can be connected to the pre-existing device networks, while deployed on one AllJoyn bus for scalability.

Several consortiums have launched with improving interoperability as their primary goals. AllSeen officials said the AllJoyn DSB enables companies to extend existing IoT interfaces into AllJoyn as a common language for applications.

The new superconnector compliments the AllJoyn Gateway Agent. The technology is an extension of AllJoyn software framework that enables AllJoyn devices in a local network to connect to external networks and that delivers remote access and device management through the cloud.

"Protocol conversion removes major IoT barriers by making existing technologies open and interoperable," said Philip DesAutels, Senior Director, IoT, AllSeen Alliance. "AllJoyn DSB is a structured framework for secure and thoughtful integration of non-AllJoyn devices into the AllJoyn ecosystem, preserving investment, stretching constrained budgets and expanding the universe of possibilities."