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Alphonso Strikes a Deal with IRI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Alphonso Inc., a television data company which owns and operates a television advertising data platform, has struck a deal with IRI to develop a cross-media platform. IRI provides integrated big data, predictive analytics and other insights about consumer shopping data. This partnership will combine TV advertising with consumer shopping. Alphonso, through its automatic content recognition technology which is loaded in millions of devices like mobile apps, TVs, gaming consoles, gets its data in a real time. IRI, through a campaign, intends to associate its real-time TV audience data with IRI’s consumer shopping data to calculate the impact of ad spend. This will help brands in understanding the true value of their TV and digital advertisement. IRI will have an access to view every ad airing on TV as well as the households which have viewed them. IRI will view the data in real time with built-in privacy protocol. Alphonso gets its ad occurrence data from 34 million U.S. households from 200 hundred cable and broadcast networks.

Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer for Alphonso, said, “Working with an industry leader like IRI, Alphonso TV data can now create a powerful connection between specific TV ad creatives and specific consumer product purchases. “

Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence said that when an ad is shown to its target audience, they show interest in the ad, which makes the ad more relevant.