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Alphonso's Solution to Boosting Marketing with Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Jarvis Mak, Chief Customer Officer

Jarvis Mak, Chief Customer Officer

Alphonso, a TV data company, is launching an ad suite called Alphonso Local, which will provide Broadcast stations with ad analytics to help them compete with digital media companies. To improve the effectiveness of the ad broadcast, the new suite will allow local stations to make data-driven audience targeting approach. According to Alphonso, the NBCUniversal-owned TV stations are already using this suite, and a number of major station groups are testing the suite. TVs are the most widespread and powerful mediums, but Local TV ad budgets are becoming vulnerable due to social, search, and digital platforms.

To augment TV ads, broadcasters can use Alphonso Local to pinpoint users across various digital devices. Relatable ads and offers can be now broadcasted to users who will improve business outcomes. Automation used by Alphonso combines content recognition and machine learning to identify commercials and data from different sources to give real-time intelligence report on the ad market. The company has been working with national networks to improvise ad, but the opportunity in local TV seems more significant. Most of the ads are published on the basis of sex and age demographics. The ads must be more focused on the products use and lifestyle data. Alphonso’s tech will provide the company with a unique advantage in the local market. The automation system to recognize commercial creative is important to identify local advertisers and localized versions of national ads. 

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The new suite will enable a local broadcaster to be effective like a digital company. The suite is empowering broadcasters as they were formerly losing money to digital marketing by not being able to prove the value, but with the suite, they can prove their local broadcast inventory value. The credibility from the national broadcast must be helpful in gaining support from local stations. Success in the local market will help the national network and advertisers. Brands work with Alphonso to maximize their TV expenses and create a sustainable connection between TV ads and real business results, and only then, better return on ad spend (ROAS) can be achieved.

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