Altai Technologies Announces Latest Wi-Fi Solution for Better Network Administration
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Altai Technologies Announces Latest Wi-Fi Solution for Better Network Administration

By CIOReview | Friday, October 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Altai Technologies, a developer a designer of wireless broadband solutions, announces robust cloud-driven network management solution ‘AltaiCare’ to enable network administrators easily manage and configure their WiFi networks.

Altai Technologies deliver a wide range of patented Wi-Fi technologies to be deployed in every major industry, including carriers and service providers, logistics centers and manufacturing plants. Integrated with 8-element MIMO antenna array, the A8n Super Wi-Fi base station – Altai’s flagship product – is constructed for fast and simple installation, offering instant long-range coverage and the best NLOS performance.

Now with the launch of AltaiCare, customers can take advantage of Wi-Fi networks that have unprecedented performance, reliability, scalability and manageability. It supports controller-less architecture and enable centralized access management of Access Points facilitating secure admission and service control across network. By utilizing AltaiCare, IT managers can set up secure access for their internal network as well as hotspots to accommodate guest access.

 “With the introduction of AltaiCare, network administrators or services providers can easily configure and manage their WiFi networks at their fingertips on any connected device such as tablets, laptops etc,” says Dr. Raymond Leung, CEO of Altai Technologies.

Powered by antenna technology, AltaiCare offers location-aware advertising services for mobile users at shopping malls, hotel and tourist attractions. It reduces CAPEX and OPEX of a Wi-Fi network that in turn enables robust ROI and TCO.