Altaro Announces New API Support for VM Backup Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Altaro Software introduced RESTful API to support its flagship product ‘Altaro VM Backup’. With the API, users can schedule backup, assign backup location, and retrieve saved information which leverage automation to greater extent and it get initiated as soon as a virtual machine is installed by the user through a script within VM. The API automatically includes the new installed VM to routine standard backup once initiated, as stated by Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist, Altaro Software.

To get started with the API, users need to enable it by changing the startup type for the ‘Altaro VM Backup API Service’ to automatic. After changing the startup type API automatically performs various functions through specified base URL. To accomplish desired output, pre-loaded ‘PowerShell’ script calls API automatically which rest in the machine that is running the Altaro VM Backup Software.

While deriving useful data through scripts, API undergoes three major steps such as establishment of new session with API, call needed APIs, and close session. In the first step, new session is crucial as it contains mechanism to authenticate the process and subsequently process comes to the end using an end command.

As the released API is the latest version by the company, there are some limitations attached with it. The API functions only on local machines which have Altaro VM Backup software installed in it. One can remotely access the API but still the machine needs to host the Altaro VM Backup API Service. Another limitation of API is that it doesn’t allow any alteration such as adding and deleting backup locations, schedules at VM level. Also, the API isn’t capable of supporting notification servers at its initial stage. But, the company has realized the limitations and promised to eliminate limitations by introducing various solutions in future releases.