Altia Mutates Existing Conference Rooms into Connected Meeting Spaces with PanaCast Plugin

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Business meetings have come a long way and evolved into being referred specifically as synchronous or live conference. This emerging technology has found a place in Altia Systems, a vendor of Unified Communication solutions. The company has revealed its PanaCast Plugin for Intel Unite at Intel Developer Forum (IDF); claiming to be the world’s first panoramic video-in-the-cloud solution, enabling low-cost, and Bring-Your’s-Own-Device panoramic HD video collaboration.

PanaCast provides a unique experience that enables anyone on desktop or mobile to communicate in interactive, real-time Panoramic-HD 200 degree field-of-view video that replicates the human panoramic perspective to meetings, along with HD audio.

The technology enables each user to get individual touch based pan and zoom control of the video without disrupting the view for other participants. It lets people remotely see everything in a meeting room and lets every participant “look around” independently of all other participants, during interaction on the devices they already own, from anywhere.

Intel being the parent company provided Intel Unite Software Development Kit (SDK) with which this particular plug-in was developed. The camera technology combines patented hardware, state-of-the-art algorithms, and software, all in one device. 

The Panoramic-4K video session begins by clicking on its icon in the Intel Unite application. The video window then displays the video stream from the camera alongside with other shared content on the screen in real time. Both on-site and remote workers can easily view and interact with the content.