Altium Introduced Major Update to Tasking Compiler for TriCore/AURIX Microcontrollers

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Altium has made major update for TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX microcontrollers has been announced by Altium which power advanced automotive applications. The new release supports the next generation of Infineon TriCore technologies.

Developers can start building their advanced automotive apps which can be implemented on the upcoming AURIX family of microcontroller.

Origianl equipment manufacturer(OEM)  and Tier-1 automotive providers requires the highest standards in code reliability and safety without any compromise to performance’ “said Franz Maidl, Managing Director, Global TASKING Business. It provides potential to the engineer which they require for the development to design automotive application with good quality.

Complex automotive systems like power train, power steering, chassis and transmission  requires new advancement with tools on which developers are depended.  Altium worked with OES’s and Tier-1 directly to expand new tools and improve the quality to satisfy the engineering needs for future automotive applications.

Features of new TASKING compiler includes: new integrity check tool; AURIX configuration tool; enhanced pin mapper tool; comprehensive IDE

With the New Identity Check tool ease the developer’s task to check memory access with advanced safety requirements. It also betters app safety and reliability asit analyzes code for possible access restriction violation. As the code and data are partitioned into different safety groups, there are less chance of interference between ASIL levels. This feature is critiacl for multi-core automotive appliances.

Altium and Infineon have extented the TriCore toolset to include a pin mapper, the TASKING software platform for AURIX and a royalty free RTOS. The pin mapper tool for AURIX microcontroller supports the developer to assign the signals of the peripheral modules to physical pins of the chip. It saves the developer from the tedious task of managing pin assignments in spreadsheets. It provides integrated environment as TriCore tool set with the BOSCH GTM-IP MCS timer module into one complete development environment.