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Altova Introduces Version 2021 with a Focus on Customer Requested Features

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Altova announces the launch of Version 2021 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software.

FREMONT, CA: Altova declares the release of Version 2021 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software. This new version consists of many new features and improvements implemented in response to the customer feedback, including a new XBRL Taxonomy Manager that gives easy, centralized taxonomy installation and management throughout all XBRL-enabled products; improvements for editing in JSON Grid View; data mapping for SWIFT messages; attaching files to PDF during report generation; and much more.

"As the scope of our customers' needs shift and change we are always eager to adapt our offerings to continue to meet their needs and exceed their expectations," says Alexander Falk, President and CEO of Altova. "For example, we've received very positive responses from our customers to the new JSON Grid View features added to XMLSpy and with this release have added even more advanced features. We've also introduced an XBRL Taxonomy Manager across the product line that makes it easier for customers to manage the ever-growing number of XBRL taxonomies and versions available in the industry." 

A highlight of some new features needed by customers in this release:

• XBRL Taxonomy Manager gives a centralized way to install and manage the XBRL taxonomies for use throughout all Altova XBRL allowed applications. This streamlines a process that may easily get confusing, provided the number of increasing taxonomies and taxonomy versions continuously shifting and changing.

• SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is a worldwide provider of financial messaging services. Adding to the list of EDI formats supported, MapForce now also backs mapping SWIFT messages to or from any other MapForce supported format, consisting of databases, XML, JSON, other EDI formats, and more.

• JSON Grid View was launched in XMLSpy last year, and in this latest release has undergone some substantial updates and improvements. Some of the upgrades for editing in JSON Grid View in XMLSpy includes a new entry helper, additional copy/paste options, mouse-over tooltips, easy choices for working with huge files, and more.

• While MapForce has long supported EDI messages' conversion to XML by graphically mapping EDI fields to a target XML Schema, Version 2021 takes the capability further. In response to various customer requests, one-click conversion of EDI to XML in MapForce without the requirement for loading a target XSD or mapping fields is now a reality.

• Customers usually request the ability to attach files to a PDF during the generation of the report in StyleVision. Examples include very high-resolution images, source files, other document formats like .docx, and so on. StyleVision 2021 now makes this possible.