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Altova Unveils the All-New AltovaContractManager App

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Altova has announced the launch of AltovaContractManager, a highly customizable, cloud-based contract management app.

FREMONT, CA: Altova has announced the release of AltovaContractManager. It is a highly customizable, cloud-based contract management app. AltovaContractManager will make it easy and secure to store, manage, and search for the contracts with ease, even if the firm has numerous contracts. 

Selecting a centralized contract repository that every stakeholder can access steadily in the cloud has several advantages starting from time savings to more competent management of related contracts and important dates. The new solution will offer complete contract lifecycle management and templates to document contract details, built-in reminders, audit log, change tracking, and much more. 

The turn-key solution offers its client with:

• Secure file storage for every contract

• Automatic reminders for essential review dates and deadlines

• Full audit log and change tracking

• Centralized contract management

• Strict role and group-based permissions to control and access the confidential information

• Search tools to find contract documents and details immediately

• The choice to customize the app as per requirement:

• Add, change, or delete any fields, forms, and database structure even if records are already there in the database

• Choose from several themes to configure the display colors and font size

• Change the hierarchy of containers in the database

• Reasonable monthly or annual pricing opportunities and many more

The robust and highly customizable AltovaContractManager offers tools for documenting the contract details, storing contract files, and keeping track of important deadlines while being reasonable for firms of every type and size. The solution is priced hundreds less than the other competing apps. The pricing starts at $299 per user per year, or just under $25 per month if paid annually. The monthly subscriptions will also be available, which is $29 per month. Moreover, the users can start the purchasing procedure by clicking Manage Subscription in the Altova Cloud.