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Alturas Analytics and Metrendalytics Announce New Technology to Streamline Operations in the Modern Scientific Laboratory

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Alturas Analytics (ID, USA) and partner Metrendalytics (NJ, USA) have created an information system that manages compliance, productivity, efficiency and communications in a single system. The system has been designed to overcome administrative dilemmas in laboratories where a combination of point software solutions e.g., a laboratory information management system or electronic laboratory notebook, are utilized to manage data acquisition.

Office applications such as Word and Excel are then relied upon to track items, manage resources and generate reports/forms amongst other administrative tasks. A multi-step process involving different software poses risks in efficiency, error and compliance, with potential for quality and service issues.

Additional costs may also be incurred as staff spend time gathering data, deriving metrics, and manually inputting data, rather than working on higher priority tasks, like analysis.

The technology and processes developed by Alturas Analytics and Metrendalytics enable the extraction of existing real-time data from disparate sources (e.g., Watson LIMS, informal databases, Excel, Word, etc.) and diverse data types (e.g., project tracking, sponsor/vendor folders, test methods, business data such as CDA’s, etc.), aggregating the data into one location. This management system increases laboratory output by automating manual, paper-intensive processes, allowing data use throughout multiple downstream operational workflows. While providing increased visibility for project execution oversight, the system also connects upstream business processes such as forecasting, resource management and marketing analytics.

This new technology could provide an interface between sponsor, vendor, project, information, and equipment, streamlining operations in the modern scientific laboratory.

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