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Amalgamation of AI and DRAM: The Alliance of the Future

By CIOReview | Monday, October 30, 2017

Tech innovations today revolve largely around Cloud Computing and undoubtedly, it seems to have permeated the lives of everyone, from an individual to that of business enterprises. However, it has also managed to eclipse the developments of the hardware, in particular relation to the data center.

A data center is literally the heart of an organization as it brings all the equipment, IT resources and management of all the data pertaining to the organization, under one roof. With the advent of cloud, many organizations are planning to migrate their data center applications to the cloud, in spite of the challenges involved. As such, a major breakthrough in the field of hardware is inevitable and the future looks promising with the evolution or replacement of the Dynamic Random Access Memory. The transformation of DRAM promises to build a world of heterogeneous computing with accelerated AI and dynamically programmed FPGAs in the data center. The realization of a heterogeneous computing model might just be the greatest breakthrough in the hardware technology, proving to be an answer to the problems of migrating data applications to a private or hybrid cloud.

Talking about emerging technologies, Danny Cobb, Vice President for global technology strategy at Dell Technologies notes that a groundbreaking step would be ‘true DRAM-replacement persistent memory’, which could alter the way software and programmes will be written in the future. There are several possibilities awaiting in the form of a metamorphosis of the DRAM, which assures persistence, increased efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.