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Amazing Marketing Trends a Brand Can No Longer Ignore

By CIOReview | Monday, June 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Marketing has always been a progressing practice, but rapid digitization has increased the rate of change this exponentially. Modern marketing strategies are inspired by, and contribute to, changing expectations and philosophies, and competitive marketers need to stay ahead of these trends. Nearly 90% of marketers said improving their ability to track and analyze marketing efforts is a top priority, says in a recent report. Fortunately, there are new ways of doing things that bring new opportunities for marketers. Here are four major marketing trends developing among organizations for 2020 and beyond.

• Optimizing for Voice Search

Smart speakers are becoming more commonplace in households around the globe. Voice search allows to search by speaking, which eliminates the effort to type into search engines. Businesses have started applying the trend of voice search technology to their online business strategies and are finding it beneficial from the perspective of increasing sales and achieving customer attention. Also, people love devices that pay attention to their instructions and act accordingly.

• More Chatbots

Chatbots are on them than they’ve been in previous years. With leaps in technology come new advancements in AI, or artificial intelligence. They are becoming smarter over time, collecting more information about their target audience and identifying precisely what they want to hear. AI has been able to advance to previously unrealistic levels, sometimes taking playbooks straight out of science fiction. The advances of today are going to lay a better foundation for tomorrow. They are evolving to become more human-like, and are finding better uses for machine learning, and finally, are replacing applications.

• Optimizing on-SERP SEO

SERPs continuously change to reflect the requirements of the end-user better. For brands to successfully attract traffic, they need to keep up. Brands need to become intimately familiar with what customers are likely looking for when they are in high-intent moments. Looking for customer data, what brought people to the site, types of people converted, and finding the most successful content can also help.

Marketing is changing, and along with that, marketers must also change. Only staying on top of these latest trends and mastering can keep the brands running successfully