Amazon and Microsoft Aims to Alter the Image of Storage with New Cloud Tools

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Amazon and Microsoft lays new grounds for cloud based storage by individually introducing new platforms with more enhanced offerings mainly for developers, storage administrators and professionals working in other wide range of roles.

Amazon through its brand new tool, S3 Transfer Manager is zealously backing the iOS developers in an attempt to upsurge its cloud offerings popularity.S3 Transfer Utility for iOS is basically designed to simplify the data transfer between iOS app and Amazon S3, the simple storage service extended by the company. The easy and powerful solution allows developers to transfer data in the background. It also enables API to upload binary data instead of having to first save it as a file.

Microsoft on the other hand, extends its new backup solution from Azure Backup service for Windows 10 client machines. Enterprises with machines running Windows 10 (64-bit) operating systems can protect their important file-folder data to Azure in a secure manner and restore data on any machine.

The customizable backup schedules takes place as frequently as three times a day with optimum utilization bandwidth by transferring incremental backup copies, transferring only changed data from previous backup point. The solution encrypts data even before it leaves the respective machine boundary with a guaranteed 99years get back of backup copies. It also seamlessly restores files from backup copies at Azure to any other machines

Microsoft's portfolio also includes Azure Site Recovery, which was upgraded with the support for disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines.

Aiming at slightly different audiences, Amazon and Microsoft are working towards the same ideas on storage that is, scalable capacity, low operating costs and ease of use compared to building an in-house infrastructure states Mikael Ricknäs in an article for Computer World.