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Amazon Comes Up With A New OS

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Amazon announced a couple of new features and products on the IoT technology. They have come up with a new operating system for IoT devices and have named it to be Amazon FreeRTOS. This operating system is designed for devices which has only MCU and are devoid of CPUs, just like the smoke detectors. The OS now comes with libraries, enabling local and cloud connectivity, as well as much-required security. It is open-source, and available on GitHub and it is expected to come with over-the-air updates soon enough. Amazon FreeRTOS extends the FreeRTOS kernel. It is a popular real-time operating system which has libraries that enable local and cloud connectivity, security, and their updates. Then, there is the One-Click. This allows one-click creations of AWS Lambda to trigger for IoT devices. This helps organizations immensely to create specialized IoT systems with ease. Amazon also introduced AWS IoT Device Management, IoT Analytics and AWS IoT Device Defender.

IoT is delivering the fastest in terms of the actual number of companies doing real work of all the buzzwords of choice, that Amazon has been working on at Amazon Web Service (AWS). Amazon is now just entering a world where the growth in number of devices that are connected going to be exponential and change the entire scenario of connectivity across the world.

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