Amazon Continues its Purple Patch Spell with AWS, Powers up its Data Analytics Services

By CIOReview | Friday, October 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Amazon Web Services is in full swing to reinforce its suite of streamlined data and analytic services. Setting the foot forward with the ‘nifty Dash grocery refill buttons’ Amazon is eyeing to dominate the escalating cloud-based, data driven connected world.

The cloud arm of the tech giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is bracing up its digital pipelines to serve as the backbone for the spreading Internet of Things landscape. Amazon has significantly widened its hardware capability for its Dash Replenishment Service with Samsung, General Electric, Oster and a host of others building devices. The standalone button can automatically order supplies when it runs low, which creates a win-win situation for Amazon as the orders on autopilot will soar up, eventually increasing the revenue streams.

Businesses on the brink are expected to get a new lease of life, with industry experts betting on the scope of monetizing data. Joining forces with Amazon is QuickSight, a cloud-powered business intelligence service. Data storage is relocated   onto AWS, which then transfers it over to the query engine, generating visualized insights in just 60 seconds that can be shared both internally and externally in a cost effective manner.

AWS also takes Kinesis; the big data processing prototype forward with the release of Kinesis Firehouse service for loading streamlined data from a web or mobile app through an API call to AWS. Users can query and load data on Hadoop clusters in a secured way, which means that the data will be shielded on the way and decrypted as the app needs to use that data.

There’s also an additional option to export bulky data (of 10 bytes or more) to the cloud where AWS is more depended on hardware rather than the cloud by relying into a new product dubbed Snowball.  The service demands no storage or upgrades, and it comes in the form of a rugged box that can be described as light enough for a person to carry. Yet another innovation is the Amazon Inspector, which acts as a service analyzer for scanning security process and compliance issues on an application by application basis.

 The cloud based company has also upgraded its database portfolio with version six of MySQL, now compatible with MariaDB and in combination with AWS Migration Service; it helps in continuous flow of data from sources of any size, while also maintaining the real time tracking process.

The AWS service and its technological advancements have received an over-whelming market support which has broken all previous Amazon records of income generation. Its current client roster has expanded to include executives from Major League Baseball, Capital One and General Electric as well as up-and-coming digital payments processor Stripe.